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Dr. Andrew A. Vladimirov is an outstanding graduate of Kings College London and University of Bristol. Andrew is a researcher with a wide area of interests ranging from cryptography and network security to bioinformatics and neuroscience. He published his first scientific paper at the age of 13 and is one of the co-founders of Arhont Ltd. Furthermore, Dr. Vladimirov was one of the first UK IT professionals to obtain the CWNA certification and is currently in charge of wireless consultancy division within Arhont Ltd.

Konstantin V. Gavrilenko holds a first class BSc honors degree in Management Science from DeMontfort University and an MSc in Management from Lancaster University. He has over 12 years experience in IT and security and together with other two authors is a co-founder of Arhont Ltd. Konstantin's writing draws primarily from his real-world knowledge and experience in security consultancy and infrastructure development for a vast range of clients. He is open mind and enthusiastic for research, where his main areas of interest lie in security in general and more specifically in firewalling, cryptography, VPNs and IDS.Konstantin is proud to say that he is an active supporter of OpenSource solutions and ideology, public disclosure included. He has published a variety of advisories at SecurityFocus and Packetstorm uncovering new software security vulnerabilities.

Andrei A. Mikhailovsky first became enticed by Unix flavours back in school. He cultivated and expanded his knowledge into networking aspects of IT while obtaining his bachelors degree from The University of Kent at Canterbury. Soon he was engrossed into aphotic fields of network security and penetration testing. On accomplishing his MBA, he has co-founded an Information Security company "Arhont", and vastly participated in security research, published articles and advisories and greatly contributed to the overall success of Arhont team. Mr. Mikhailovsky's technical particularities include user authentication mechanisms, database and directory services, wireless networking security and systems integration.


Over the years the authors have participated in the security community via publications to Bugtraq and other security-related public mail lists, statistical research and network security articles for the IT magazines. Together the authors constitute a core of the wireless security team of Arhont Ltd and possess CISSP, CCNP, CCDP, CCNA, CCDA, CWNA, TIA Linux+ and LPI+ certifications. Their wireless networking and security background pre-dates the emergence of 802.11 standard and includes hands-on experience designing, installing, configuring, penetrating, securing and troubleshooting wireless LANs, Bluetooth, PANs and infra-red links implementing a vast variety of operating systems and hardware architectures. Additionally, the authors participate in a wireless security equipment beta-testing for major wireless hardware/firmware vendors such as Proxim, Belkin and Netgear.


Authors would like to express their gratitude to:

- family,friends & each other
- Addisson Wesley/Pearson for taking on the project
- GNU and OpenSource Community for providing tools
- Proxim, Belkin & Netgear for providing additional testing equipment
- and all other people involved in the project who made it possible